Self-Hosted, Open-Source, Unconventionally-Named Vehicle Maintenance Records and Fuel Mileage Tracker


  • Keeps track of all your maintenance, repair, and upgrade records
  • Keeps track of your fuel economy(supports MPG, UK MPG, and L/100KM)
  • Keeps track of taxes(registration, going fast tax, etc)
  • Keeps track of supplies(parts, fluids, etc)
  • No limit on how many vehicles you have in your garage
  • Import existing records from CSV(supports imports from Fuelly)
  • Attach documents for each record(receipts, invoices, etc)
  • Keeps track of your To-Do's(Kanban Planner)
  • Set recurring reminders so you never miss another scheduled maintenance
  • Dark Mode
  • Mobile/Small screen support
  • Basic Authentication for security
  • API Endpoints
  • Consolidated Vehicle Maintenance Report

Try It Out

Live demo available here

Login to the demo using the username "test" and password "1234". The demo site resets every 20 minutes.


LubeLogger is available as both a Docker Image and a Windows Standalone Executable(EXE)

Read this Getting Started Guide on how to download either of them


LubeLogger is proudly developed in Price Utah by Hargata Softworks